Peddlers Brooke Bridge to be built

We are thrilled that Kalapa Valley has been awarded a Shambhala trust grant to build  a bridge across Peddler’s Brook
The Shambhala Trust has awarded a grant to Kalapa Valley for the construction of a foot bridge across the Peddlers Brooke.

The bridge is an important and significant undertaking. Other than the Scorpion Seal retreat cabin the bridge represents the first major Feng shui object built in Kalapa Valley. Constructing it will fulfill our community’s obligation to build the various suggested Feng shui devices that were listed in the Feng shui report written by the renowned Feng Shui Consultant Dr Eva Wong in the year 2002. 
from the summary of Dr Wong’s report. 
“ Kalapa Valley is the most important piece of land/property in the Shambhala community.  The archetypal energetic structure of Kalapa Valley is known as the” Valley Spirit”; it is the inexhaustible source of energy behind all other Shambhala Centres in the sangha. It is the very ground that the Shambhala Mandala stands on. With proper development and use, Kalapa Valley will help energize all the Shambhala Centres world wide” 
What makes the bridge significant according to the report is that the bridge energetically will act as a Feng shui “K’an yo device”. Kalapa Valley is split and separated from East (feminine energy) to West (masculine energy) by Peddler’s Brooke. The Bridge is to act as a conduit connecting the masculine and feminine energies of the Valley. This fulfills one of the many Feng Shui recommendations that are necessary to fully actualize Kalapa Valley’s energetic influence on the whole of the Shambhala mandala. The bridge also addresses our great concern for the safety of the visitors we invite to visit Kalapa Valley; by providing a safe crossing point for all who pilgrimage to the valley year round. 
If any one who has construction experience would like to volunteer their skills and Time to this worthwhile project in exchange for an inconceivable amount of merit
please contact:  Gary Brown 
please put “Valley Spirit Volunteer “in the subject