Rates, Accommodations & Land Use

House Reservations:   Please contact Gary Brown

Kalapa Valley is a Shambhala community pilgrimage destination which is open to the general public to visit and enjoy during daylight hours.   We do not permit the hosting of events on the land. 

Staying on the land after daylight hours, whether in the house or on a camp site, is a restricted privilege. The house at Kalapa Valley is the personal residence of the Kongma Sakyong, Mipham Rinpoche. His invitation to stay overnight is for dues-paying members of the Shambhala community who have completed Enlightened Society Assembly. Those who don’t meet these prerequisites must ask a senior member of the Shambhala community to accompany them on an overnight stay.  If an exception is requested please contact the Director of Kalapa Valley.

Occupancy is limited to six registered guests. Well behaved and disciplined pets are welcomed if conscientiously attended to.   

KV Guidelines for staying at the house

KV guidelines for Camping

A three-bedroom house looks onto a large pasture a kilometre within Kalapa Valley.  The house provides three bed-rooms, two with queen sized beds and one with two twins.  To make your visit and departure comfortable we encourage our guests to bring their own linens.  There are linens, towels and blankets in the house for emergency use of guests if required.  Any linens used must be washed, dried and folded before departure.  There is a sitting area with a Shambhala shrine, couches and wood stove, which provides a comfortable environment for individuals, small groups and families to enjoy the valley.  The house has a full kitchen with cooking and eating utensils, washer and dryer, bathroom with shower and back up electric heat.

At the conclusion of their stay, guests are responsible to return the house to the tidy order in which it was found .  This includes a complete vacuuming and surface cleaning, the washing of any linens or towels used and taking out the trash.

Understand that staying in the house does not guarantee complete privacy within the Valley, which always remains open to day-hikers and campers.  While meditation is encouraged, strict retreats with boundaries are not possible and should not be expected.

Visitors are not permitted to conduct any sort of teachings, group classes or seminars on the land. 

Visitors staying in the house are the personal guest of the Kongma Sakyong, Mipham Rinpoche, and appropriate decorum is expected.  

Please respect these guidelines during your delightful visit.

Please contact Gary Brown for further details.

House Rates:
High Season: (July 1st through second Monday in October)
$150 per day / $900 per week
Off Season: (May 1st through July 1st. After second Monday in October until October 31st.)
$108 per day / $648per week
A generosity policy is in place please contact Gary Brown for details
Closed: November 1st-April 31st.
Rentals may sometimes be possible during closed seasons, if weather allows. Inquire with Gary Brown.

Off Land Accomodations
Ingonish Vacation Rentals  

Camping is offered only to Shambhala community members. Unimproved camping sites, distant from the house, welcome campers for short or long stays. A separate apartment, which is attached to side of the main house, offers to campers drinking water, bathroom and shower, and shelter in inclement weather. It is not intended for overnight stay.  Campers do not have use of the main house even when it is not occupied.
Campers must leave their vehicles by the barn building and walk a short distance to the campsites. Driving beyond this point is prohibited.

Camping Rates:
Camping Reservations: Please contact Gary Brown.
Advance booking is required.

Day Visitors and hikers
Day visitors and hikers are welcome from dawn to dusk;
Day hikers are asked to remain a respectful distance from the main house.
Day visitors may only park near the barn building.

Visitors are encouraged as they enjoy the space to clean up the land and the house.  Cleaning and tidying is viewed as a meditative practice and a direct offering to the entire Shambhala Lineage. 

  • Hiking trails follow the Ingonish River and a brook to a series of waterfalls and, in the summer, swimming holes; please exercise caution on slipper surfaces.
  • A sacred Tenno retreat building stands three kilometers within the valley; please respect the boundaries around this retreat which is for Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and his family’s sole use.
  • Deer, moose, the occasional bear, and other creatures may be seen in the valley; please follow bear safety guidelines. House residents and campers will find these posted within the house and apartment.
  • Pets are welcome; please refrain from allowing pets on the furniture and beds.  You are expected to clean up after them on trails and in the meadows.
  • Please drive very slowly when entering the land.
  • Please leave your vehicle in the designated parking areas; the parking area near the house is reserved for house residents; campers and day hikers, please park near the barn.
  • Please refrain from loud noise or music from 10pm to 9am.
  • Please do not smoke in buildings or tents; fieldstrip cigarettes.
  • Please, no firearms; no hunting; no fishing.
  • Please, no alcohol drinking to excess; no underage drinking.
  • Please, no illegal drugs; anyone possessing and/or using illegal drugs will be asked to leave the land.
  • Please do not litter.
  • Please do your best to leave the land further nurtured over how you may have found it.  Cleaning and tidying is viewed as a meditative practice and an offering to the lineage.
  • House Renters: Please leave the house at least as clean as you found it; vacuum, take out trash and launder sheets before departing.
  • Campers: Please leave the auxiliary house apartment and your campsite in clean appealing order
  • All Visitors: Do your best to leave the land further nurtured than how you may have found it.