Japanese Emperor Akihito Commits to Kalapa Valley

Yori ōkina sekai Kami project arrives in Cape Breton

“Kalapa Valley is the most important place of land/ property in the Shambhala community. The archetypal energetic structure of Kalapa Valley is known as “the valley spirit”; it is inexhaustible source of energy behind all other Shambhala Centres and the Sangha. It is the very ground that the Shambhala Mandala stands on. With the proper development in use, Kalapa Valley would help energize all Shambhala Centres worldwide”

Summary of the Feng Shui Report 




On February the sixth the first Full day of the year of the earth bore I was invited to the Japanese consulate in Halifax to receive a letter and architectural model of a Kami Palace to be built in Kalapa Valley as a gift from the people of Japan under the auspices of the Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan.

After four years of keeping a very difficult secret I’m completely delighted and honoured to announce publicly the building of a full replica of the Japanese Edo Castle in Kalapa valley as commanded by his Imperial highness the Emperor of Japan.  Four years ago I was contacted by the Japanese ambassador to Canada emissary with a letter from the Emperor Akihito senior secretary.  The letter stated that there has been an ongoing project in Japan to recognize the sacred Kami spots around the globe called the より大きな世界 Yori ōkina sekai Kami project.  Throughout Japan there are Shinto Kami localities of great religious significance where the natural spirit energy of the world exist and is venerated.  The Kami spirit can be amplified within the land and in particular certain geographical relevant locations like Kalapa Valley.  The Yori ōkina sekai kami project ,roughly translated to “greater world Kami”, I was told was originally conceived at the end of the second world war as away for Japan to reconcile itself nationally by expanding spiritually into the world making the offering of Kami. Since that time under the auspices of the Emperor, the gifts of Kami spirit dwelling places have been quietly been set up around the globe.  On July 1st 2016 I was contacted by a Japanese delegation and met with them at the Japanese consulate in Halifax, NS after they returned from their first visit of Cape Breton.  It was then that I was informed of the the Yori ōkina sekai Kami Project.

I asked the delegation why they chose Kalapa Valley is being a significant an important site for Kami.  It was explained to us that the Kami spirit is living energy of the world and exists in very significant special places.  These places are generally where the local energy and the Lei Meridian lines of the earth intersect and are cradle by the land formations, usually mountains with flowing rivers. By following and projecting land forms they explain that they kept being directed towards Cape Breton and in particular Kalapa Valley.  After more questions and probing they also elaborated to me the there’re some very influential Japanese students of the 12th Trungpa Tulku who now resides in Surmung in the Tibetan autonomous region.  The 12th Trungpa has expressed his future interest to live in Japan and had mentioned several times to his students that outside of Japan the most important Kami Spirit can be found in Cape Breton Nova Scotia.  We were told that when the delegation traveled to Cape Breton they did not know about our connection to Kalapa Valley or its location, they simply stumbled upon us as they said in their words with “Rising Sun good fortune”.

Naturally I was delighted that there was interest in Kalapa Valley out side of the Shambhala community and with such a dignified and honoured imperial house.  The Emissaries interest was all very vague and at the time I did not know how the significance of this interest would manifest.  It was at this time that we presented the Feng Shui reports, created by Dr Eva Wong, which explains what we knew about the significance of Kalapa Valley. I had specifically invited them to carefully read the report and make any specific recommendations they would feel necessary to host the Kami spirit in Kalapa Valley. I suggested that in time we would be building the planned Tori gates, several small shrines, bridges pathways and spirit enclosures as suggested in the report. The delegation was very excited and very politely told me they would be honoured to contribute fully and make their offerings to build a suitable Kami place in Kalapa valley for the benefit of Kami and the world. They asked us if we could humbly keep their interests in the valley a very strict secret until appropriate time when all the plans and details are complete. Of course we agreed. We did not know what this meant and for three and a half years we received only one email simply asking us for relevant survey drawings of the property ,which I promptly sent them.

Not until the meeting on February sixth did I understand the level of commitment of the Japanese delegation to the Kalapa Valley Kami. I was overwhelmed. Immediately on behalf of the Japanese delegation I presented the plans to Victoria County building department to see if we would be permitted to build such a structure in the valley. Two days ago Victoria County building and Development department has approved the project in concept, further regulatory work and approvals has to be completed but conceptually I can present the project as a happening. Please follow this link to read the full Japanese presentation and view the full details and drawings of the project.
KiKi So So

Yours In the Vision Of the Great Eastern Sun

Kunchok Tashi , Gary J Brown