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The Japanese Emperor is not interested in Kalapa Valley yet…

but seriously please read this true excerpt from the feng shui report .

Excerpt from the Feng Shui Report

“Kalapa Valley is the most important place of land/ property in the Shambhala community. The archetypal energetic structure of Kalapa Valley is known as “the valley spirit”; it is inexhaustible source of energy behind all other Shambhala Centres and the Sangha. It is the very ground that the Shambhala Mandala stands on. With the proper development in use, Kalapa Valley would help energize all Shambhala Centres worldwide.”


“Our vision to create ongoing predicable financial support using a micro funding model to invite 500 of our friends to donate every month a small amount of $5 or an even $9 (which equals $108 annually if you want to be really buddhist about it….”)

Kalapa Valley is the tender open heart of the Shambhala Community and it needs our our loving kindness and support.  Read on.

Historically, Kalapa Valley has been chronically underfunded in the Shambhala mandala, for the past 16 years has never been on solid financial footings to fully support the proper maintenance and development of Kalapa Valley. The fields have overgrown, the waterways have clogged and the buildings are becoming derelict.

It is our goal to treat and heal the land, waterways and ultimately our community
by executing, like a stroke, the recommendations held within the Feng shui report. To do this we need ongoing stable and predictable funding.

This is how we all can participate directly in the healing process. Our goal is to invite caring people to make a small on going monthly donation of $5.

A 5$ regular donation is equivalent to buying a cup of coffee for
Kalapa Valley once a month or think of it as dharma Netflix if you wish but with out the guilt of wasting your precious human existence.

In 2016 Shambhala Society passed ownership and the on going responsibility of Kalapa Valley to the Potrang.  This fund raising campaign we are doing is for the Feng Shui Projects and is strictly for the feng shui stated goals on the land, the funds are not designated for the discretion of the Potrang. To maintain impartiality we partnered with a third party charitable organization called “Canada helps”. Your donations are processed by Canada Helps and will go directly into the land. For your donation you will receive a tax donation receipt from “Canada helps”.

We ask you to make a commitment for ongoing Financial support of Kalapa Valley feng shui project. To do so we suggest an ongoing monthly donation through Canada Helps of $5. We like you to spread the word and encourage your friends and businesses you may know to participate in this worth while charitable act. Feel free to to make your monthly donations as small or large as you wish.  The goal is to create financial predictability by having regular monthly donations.

As an ongoing donor of Kalapa Valley you become a member of the Kalapa Valley Society. The society is a group of individuals who hold Kalapa Valley in their hearts and minds. As a member of the society one is kept informed of ongoing progress of the Feng Shui Projects, local news and will have direct a platform to express opinions or concerns to the Kalapa Valley leadership.

There’s so very much to discuss about Kalapa Valley and its importance to our community that it is not all represented here. I make myself available to have conversations at length with anyone who wants to probe deeper into any topic concerning Kalapa Valley.  I do want to tell you this today; that the Kalapa Valley land is open for everyone to visit during day light hours, to gain peace, to contemplate, to gain inspiration, to laugh, to dream and to meditate.

Those who have had the good fortune to visit understand the unique quality of this land. There seems to be an unanimous consensus of all who visit, Buddhist of all sects and the general public, that this piece of land in this humble Valley is very special in a very ordinary way.

Present ongoing projects
Last year we received donations from individuals and a grant from The Shambhala Trust to build a bridge the cross Peddler’s Brook.  This mountain stream separates the masculine and the feminine energies of Kalapa Valley.  When storms come, this mountain stream flows hard and turbulent.  It is impossible to cross.  This bridge which is 50% complete is due for completion in the Fall of 2019 and is the initial Feng shui structure to be completed in the Valley.  With your on going monthly $5 donation we can fulfill our obligation to create all the elements of a sacred park that will benefit and heal hearts and minds throughout the entire Shambhala mandala and greater world.

Stay tuned to specific projects and updates

Excerpt from the commentary of the Feng Shui Report                                                                                     At present, Ms. Wong suggests that only 10% of the land’s energy is being revealed and, therefore, much work needs to be done to invoke full potential.
Kalapa Valley is not only unique as a significant land formation, but also vital in the context of the greater Shambhala mandala.

The relationship between Kalapa Valley and some other centres is described as some of the following remarks that Ms. Wong made during her visit in September, 2000 :           “Each Place has to be complementary and hooked-up. This makes the whole mandala strong. Kalapa Valley is the well that all houses draw form. The Valley Spirit is the backbone of everything that happens in Shambhala Centres. It is the primordial energy behind other Centres. This part of the country is completion, powerful, deep and fruitional. We should treasure and work with this land.”

Follow this link to read the Feng Shui report in its entirety.