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Rumours of persistent crop circles appearing in Kalapa valley proven false

“The RCMP have been called” is not a phrase you want to hear from our conscientious Cape Breton Neighbour when they call.

The rumour: “During the misty nights at some unknown hour something unsettling is occurring in Kalapa valley.”

The Truth: Vandalism

Yes there have been rumours in the past amongst the local’s in the community about the “goings on in that Valley”: the strange and mysterious people doing strange and mysterious things, how fast you get drunk there, the native burial ground, the strong feeling one gets in the knees and the strange sense of time “passing by you differently” when you walk the land. Well those are just that, rumours and folk tales.

Throughout my life I have been visiting Cape Breton. A visit can always be counted on for hearing old exaggerated wives tales. I generally dismiss the tales, share an “on the edge joke” and a laugh at/with the neighbours when the topic arises. Lately the topic has become more serious. There has been vandalism on the property along with “unusual” marks and circles on the land.

I myself have witnessed many inexplicable occurrences in the valley but recently “things” are happening more often. Claims of new evidence is making it difficult to not speak about the occurrences publicly. The topic is going to be very publicly broadcast so I would like to share what I know now to curtail any wild rumours arising amongst our world-wide community and to avoid weird speculation or spiritual materialism in these truly unsettling and divisive times in the Sangha.

In November 2018 I was approached by the producer of the TV program “Canada’s Unusual and Mysterious Places” a mediocre and overdramatic minor cable TV show. Over the past four years the producer contacted me several times and adamantly grilled me regarding the occurrences of crop circles and strange signs appearing on the fields of Kalapa Valley and surrounding area. I’m unprepared to emphasize or talk about this for several reasons. Primarily I do not wish to attract this type of “psych and paranormal” attention to Kalapa Valley. However the Producer had said that in doing her research on paranormal activities in Canada she discovered several mentions on a few online groups and old newspapers discussing the “Mystical Marks of the Galloping Fairies of Cape Breton.”

It is said that the “Marks of these galloping fairies can be regularly found in the Ingonish area of Cape Breton and in particular the Valley of the Ingonish river. She reportedly had many first person local accounts of strange occurrences and unusual alien markings on the ground from circles to intricate patterns and strange hieroglyphs. The Producer (She/Her) Iaman Diamond previously devoted two episodes to understanding the mysterious Ley lines. A quick explanation, Ley lines are considered to be energy channels of the earth similar to energy channels found on the human body akin to Chinese Medicine. Ultimately these lines are to be considered a pseudoscience and a controversial subject matter.
Ms Diamond through her research found Kalapa Valley on the map by discovering three intersecting lines in the centre of Kalapa Valley. For her, this indicated a particular psychically powerful “power” spot on the earth. She found us and then she found the folklore of the “Galloping fairies tales”. Ms Diamond then contacted me as Director for comment.

During a telephone interview I emphasized that I had heard it all before and it was a classic case of people letting their imaginations get out of hand. Yes there have been some things that may be construed to be markings and strange occurrences on the land however it’s all very easily explained by the very intense local weather. Also numerous animal trails and tracks, flood waters and strong winds move the long grasses across the fields.

She asked me to comment on her statement “Even though the property is open to the public during daylight hours there is a secretive and mysterious quality to the property that’s undeniable.” I replied that it was just the nature of the land and one’s imagination can get carried away quite easily. As Buddhists, we acknowledge that mind can confuse itself and working to counter that tendency is the purpose of mindfulness.

She asked if the production crew could visit and stay in the Valley while filming their episode on the “galloping Fairies of Cape Breton.” I declined as her request was not in accord with our visiting policy and explained that unfortunately due to construction and covid we could not accommodate the request. I felt it wrong to draw this type of wacky attention to Kalapa Valley.

I thought that was the end of the inquiry. However, as I just discovered, the episode of the “The Galloping Fairies of Cape Breton Nova Scotia” on Canada’s Unusual and Mysterious Places has been completed and will air March 31st of this year.

I must go on record that I did not give permission to film in Kalapa Valley and strongly petitioned Miss Diamond to please remove any references of Kalapa Valley in the episode. I am still waiting for a reply.

This brings me back to the subject of this press release: The RCMP were called and we do have a lead in explaining the case of the circles and “goings on”. Not Buddhism but Vandalism. No Joke.

In early December of 2021 the RCMP and I were called by one of our neighbours to report vandalism on the property. The house and the barn were both broken into. It appears nothing was stolen and the damage was estimated to be less than $1000 however there are two suspect thanks to a trail camera capturing a distant image of the suspects we believe are responsible for the vandalism and the prank crop circles and markings.

The description: Primary suspect described as a young fella, white male, 16 to 20 years old wearing white or reflective clothing. Subject appears to have a thin dark moustache wear a possible light coloured workman’s hard hat possibly accompanied by or leading a small white horse. There was observed an older fella in the distance wearing a light yellow long coat. Of note, The Older Fella Appears to be unhappy. If you have seen these two individuals I and the RCMP would like very much to speak with them to preserve the integrity of Kalapa Valley and the Shambhala Teachings. Thank you for your Precious Human Attention.

Yours in the vision of The Great Eastern Sun
Gary J Brown

Click here for a Police sketch Artist interpretation of the persons of interest:

Young Fella

Older Fella

Possible Strange Crop Hieroglyphs

Possible Crop and Snow Circles

Possible Explanation for a small white Horse

Unidentified Possible Witness


If you would like to help with our security we are recruiting unseen beings via Feng Shui of the land.  

2022 Annual report from the Director

2022 Director’s report 

As we approach Shambhala day and enter into this year of the water tiger, water seems auspicious to emphasize. The element of water is a significant and ever present factor in Kalapa Valley. When walking through Kalapa Valley visitors can experience the water element in its many forms: motionless ponds, rushing springs, bubbling  brooks, gently moving salmon holes, spraying raging rivers and vapour magically misting off the ground into gentle clouds of drala shapes. After two years of painfully difficult societal obstacles and emotions, we would like to share that the sacredness of Kalapa Valley is ever present  in the form of kindness. Here there is a basic ground of goodness. It is unmovable as it moves and it is inviting you. Accessible to you.

Several notable events blessed the Valley.

Emergency measures

Water being the most powerful of all elements it can create life, it cleanse, nurture, extinguish fires soil, erode and destroy.  In November 2021 Kalapa Valley experienced in extreme rain event the likes of which has never been seen in living memory. Many bridges and roadways were destroyed in the area surrounding the valley. Fortunately the damage to the valley was not as extensive as it could’ve been. We experienced damage as several culverts and roads washed out and minor flooding in the buildings.  As it stands right now vehicle traffic into the valley is blocked by debris and stone wash down from the mountains. To open up for the coming season in April we will require an excavator to clear and repair the roads leading into the valley. Please consider a one time donation to assist with this unexpected expense.

Tendril Bridge over Peddler’s Brook

After two years of construction and two years of covid related delays we completed the bridge across Peddler’s brook has been completed. The bridge extends the walking trails to the Scorpion Seal retreat cabin and to the trail systems at the back of the property. The bridge serves as a Kue Device. As such, it enhances the valley’s manifest energy, and ultimately empowers the entire Shambhala global mandala. Cohesive signage, trail systems, tori gates, shrines, water powered prayer wheels, exterior musical devices, vista benches, and camp sites are planned as further energetic enhancements and foci.

The construction of the bridge fulfilled a major elemental project from the recommendations outlined in the Dr. Wong’s Feng Shui report. The public report can be found on the Kalapa Valley website. I encourage all to read to get a better understanding of the valley and its importance to the entire Shambhala mandala.

The Scorpion Seal retreat cabin

After many years of dedicated fund raising and annual work trips with many hours of hard physical toil, Mr. Richard Piesinger and Mr. Louis Allan have completed the Scorpion Seal retreat cabin exterior. We, the entire Community, owe a debt of gratitude to these two courageous dedicated and loyal Warriors of Shambhala. With great cheer and humour, overcoming many obstacle, they raised the funds and completed the off-grid cabin which lies 2 km in the Cape Breton Forest. As a practical pavilion and energetic object, the Scorpion Seal Cabin empowers the Shambhala Scorpion Seal teachings now and in future. Truly some excellent karma and meritorious blessings have rained upon these two Warriors.  To contribute to the upkeep of this sacred architecture click here.  Thank you to many donors over the years.  

Visit From Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse Rinpoche

In August, with the encouragement and blessings of The Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Kalapa Valley hosted a spontaneous and delightful visit from Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche. Dzongsar was most adamant to travel far out of his way to Kalapa Valley to preform a King Gesar offering. Dzongsar specifically acknowledged the lokapalas and heritage of Kalapa Valley by inviting indigenous elders, Scottish bagpipers and the general community of the Maha Sangha to participate in the complex offering to King Gesar. It was a wonderful day filled with great cheer. Many old friends, familiar faces proudly wearing familiar lapel pins all participated in a Shambhala event reminiscent of the many Sangha events of years gone bye.

The Main House, The Mice,  The Snakes


This past year we operated on a reduced capacity for overnight visitors in the main house due to the complications of repairs, renovations and work crews. Both permanent and temporary repairs were made to the main building. Roof / structural repairs and the long-awaited mouse proofing advanced well. However, as any property owner knows, plenty of work still awaits on the care and maintenance of the building. Hopefully, in the coming year we will finally replace the aged roof with a gleaming metal roof. 

Once the mice have politely (and definitely) departed from their residence of the past 50 years, we will commence on the much-needed interior renovations of the kitchen, bathrooms and floors. We have had a few nice pieces of furniture donated to us and look forward to rearranging the rooms. Once again, Kalapa Valley will host Sangha pilgrims worldwide. The crazy stories of snakes living in the walls of the building are, in fact, true. While removing several pieces of insulation around the failed skylight in back, five small snakes hiding in the insulation fell on me. Needless to say it was a startling and unexpected teaching on the nature of my mind. 

Further investigations for rot and water damage revealed a delightful discovery. The snakes had been feeding on the insects leaving the wood intact and structurally sound. These beings of Lu were protecting our precious building. These little snakes along with the many large garter snakes are the primary residents of the valley. They are wonderful to encounter.


Next-door to the valley is a long defunct and abandoned ski hill. This past year, the ski hill re-opened with a very large investment. The 10 year project has a budget of over $100 million and is attracting interests from the ski community worldwide. This project should attract hundreds of thousands visitors to the area with it’s four seasons of attractions. Concerts, gondola rides to the tree walk on the top of the mountain, hiking trails and cultural events are all envisioned to be happening next-door. Kalapa Valley’s mandate to become a contemplative park should enjoy a major boost in attracting visitors and presenting wakefulness to large numbers. Under the long term vision, the teachings of Shambhala and Buddhism in general will be presented to all who wander the Kalapa Valley park. On the walking trails signage with multilingual explanations of mindfulness will provide visitors with the opportunity and view to experiencing nature and the ordinary magic of the valley. As a principal aspiration, the experience will benefit, inspire and auspiciously connect to all visitors. 


There has been a quiet and unofficial tradition of Sangha members who spread the ashes of the of loved ones on the property. This practice ran contrary to the recommendations of the Feng Shui report and development plans of the valley. Any charnel ground area on the property was advised against. 

Spot for Ashes

Recently we had an official request to spread the ashes of a Sangha member on the land. This request prompt us to work out a policy to accommodate these deep and sincere wishes for this final gesture of one’s life as a Buddhist. It was recommended to us that scattering the ashes in the river would be the best policy. We have created plans to make an accessible spot beside the river to accommodate the scattering of the ashes. The chosen location has a particularly strong energy and a beautiful vista of the entire valley. We will landscape it with a beautiful path, comfortable benches, and a liturgical plaque. Providing this service to the entire worldwide Sangha is an honour. We sincerely hope that it will guarantee rebirth of future Warriors in the realm of Shambhala.

20 Year Anniversary

Twenty years ago in a formal ceremony, a small group of generous Sangha members bequeathed Kalapa Valley to the Shambhala organization. After 15 years under the Shambhala umbrella,  it was transferred five years ago to the Sakyong Potrang as a lineage property. Since no programs occur on the land the traditional methods of land centres creating operation budgets does not apply to Kalapa Valley. Historically we have operated on a very scarce and minimal budget mostly generated by short term rental of Sangha visitors and more recently with a micro donation campaign.

I want to extend a hearty thank you to a small core of donors who joined our micro donor campaign, which is a campaign of on going donations of $5 to $10 a month, who through their generosity of consistent and reliable donations have enabled us to slowly but surely accomplish a little more this past year. Each donation, no matter the size, enriches and protects the property. Please join our on-going micro donation campaign and dedicate your meritorious generosity to Kalapa Valley.

Recently in a group interview with Ani Pema Chodron I had an opportunity to ask a question about generosity and merit in particularly how it would apply to Kalapa Valley.

Ani Pema ,who has visited Kalapa Valley many times, immediately emphasized the importance of the accumulation of merit and its direct relation to advancement and realization along the Buddhist path. 

“However” she recalled Trungpa Rinpoche’s comments about gaining merit, “he wasn’t very forthright or encouraging of his students attempting to accumulate merit.” ‘Back then’, she speculated, it would’ve been very easy for spiritual materialism to get out of hand in regards to accumulating merit through meritorious acts. Pema recalled CTR said that being ‘nice’  is sufficient to getting and gaining merit for the community. I asked if our increased understanding of spiritual materialism would remove the obstacles to consciously accumulating merit in the form of supporting Kalapa Valley. “Of course!” she replied. “That sounds nice.”

We invite you to practice generosity and accumulate merit by joining our micro funding campaign. This simple commitment to the heart centre of the Shambhala Kingdom generates a humble yet tremendous contribution to the well-being of the Valley and world in difficult and confusing times. Like a single brick in the foundation of a beautiful building or a single drop of rain in a powerful river your contribution preserves and creates a Kalapa Valley for numberless beings lost in the desert of samsara. Please consider this request.

Your Servant in the vision of the Great Eastern Sun     

Gary J Brown

The Falls

Kalapa Valley can simply be a level walk through the woods and along the river.  Some take the short hike (straight up) to the Waterfalls.  A series of falls from the top of the highlands.  

In the summer one can cool off.  The flat rocks are a nice place to practice meditation.  Yes, occasional moose show up there too.  

One of the Ashe Posts is planted at the falls.  See if you can find it 🙂




Translation: April Fools !!!

Not afraid to be an April Fool…..?

The Japanese Emperor is not interested in Kalapa Valley yet…

but seriously please read this true excerpt from the feng shui report .

Excerpt from the Feng Shui Report

“Kalapa Valley is the most important place of land/ property in the Shambhala community. The archetypal energetic structure of Kalapa Valley is known as “the valley spirit”; it is inexhaustible source of energy behind all other Shambhala Centres and the Sangha. It is the very ground that the Shambhala Mandala stands on. With the proper development in use, Kalapa Valley would help energize all Shambhala Centres worldwide.”


“Our vision to create ongoing predicable financial support using a micro funding model to invite 500 of our friends to donate every month a small amount of $5 or an even $9 (which equals $108 annually if you want to be really buddhist about it….”)

Kalapa Valley is the tender open heart of the Shambhala Community and it needs our our loving kindness and support.  Read on.

Historically, Kalapa Valley has been chronically underfunded in the Shambhala mandala, for the past 16 years has never been on solid financial footings to fully support the proper maintenance and development of Kalapa Valley. The fields have overgrown, the waterways have clogged and the buildings are becoming derelict.

It is our goal to treat and heal the land, waterways and ultimately our community
by executing, like a stroke, the recommendations held within the Feng shui report. To do this we need ongoing stable and predictable funding.

This is how we all can participate directly in the healing process. Our goal is to invite caring people to make a small on going monthly donation of $5.

A 5$ regular donation is equivalent to buying a cup of coffee for
Kalapa Valley once a month or think of it as dharma Netflix if you wish but with out the guilt of wasting your precious human existence.

In 2016 Shambhala Society passed ownership and the on going responsibility of Kalapa Valley to the Potrang.  This fund raising campaign we are doing is for the Feng Shui Projects and is strictly for the feng shui stated goals on the land, the funds are not designated for the discretion of the Potrang. To maintain impartiality we partnered with a third party charitable organization called “Canada helps”. Your donations are processed by Canada Helps and will go directly into the land. For your donation you will receive a tax donation receipt from “Canada helps”.

We ask you to make a commitment for ongoing Financial support of Kalapa Valley feng shui project. To do so we suggest an ongoing monthly donation through Canada Helps of $5. We like you to spread the word and encourage your friends and businesses you may know to participate in this worth while charitable act. Feel free to to make your monthly donations as small or large as you wish.  The goal is to create financial predictability by having regular monthly donations.

As an ongoing donor of Kalapa Valley you become a member of the Kalapa Valley Society. The society is a group of individuals who hold Kalapa Valley in their hearts and minds. As a member of the society one is kept informed of ongoing progress of the Feng Shui Projects, local news and will have direct a platform to express opinions or concerns to the Kalapa Valley leadership.

There’s so very much to discuss about Kalapa Valley and its importance to our community that it is not all represented here. I make myself available to have conversations at length with anyone who wants to probe deeper into any topic concerning Kalapa Valley.  I do want to tell you this today; that the Kalapa Valley land is open for everyone to visit during day light hours, to gain peace, to contemplate, to gain inspiration, to laugh, to dream and to meditate.

Those who have had the good fortune to visit understand the unique quality of this land. There seems to be an unanimous consensus of all who visit, Buddhist of all sects and the general public, that this piece of land in this humble Valley is very special in a very ordinary way.

Present ongoing projects
Last year we received donations from individuals and a grant from The Shambhala Trust to build a bridge the cross Peddler’s Brook.  This mountain stream separates the masculine and the feminine energies of Kalapa Valley.  When storms come, this mountain stream flows hard and turbulent.  It is impossible to cross.  This bridge which is 50% complete is due for completion in the Fall of 2019 and is the initial Feng shui structure to be completed in the Valley.  With your on going monthly $5 donation we can fulfill our obligation to create all the elements of a sacred park that will benefit and heal hearts and minds throughout the entire Shambhala mandala and greater world.

Stay tuned to specific projects and updates

Excerpt from the commentary of the Feng Shui Report                                                                                     At present, Ms. Wong suggests that only 10% of the land’s energy is being revealed and, therefore, much work needs to be done to invoke full potential.
Kalapa Valley is not only unique as a significant land formation, but also vital in the context of the greater Shambhala mandala.

The relationship between Kalapa Valley and some other centres is described as some of the following remarks that Ms. Wong made during her visit in September, 2000 :           “Each Place has to be complementary and hooked-up. This makes the whole mandala strong. Kalapa Valley is the well that all houses draw form. The Valley Spirit is the backbone of everything that happens in Shambhala Centres. It is the primordial energy behind other Centres. This part of the country is completion, powerful, deep and fruitional. We should treasure and work with this land.”

Follow this link to read the Feng Shui report in its entirety.

Japanese Emperor Akihito Commits to Kalapa Valley

Yori ōkina sekai Kami project arrives in Cape Breton

“Kalapa Valley is the most important place of land/ property in the Shambhala community. The archetypal energetic structure of Kalapa Valley is known as “the valley spirit”; it is inexhaustible source of energy behind all other Shambhala Centres and the Sangha. It is the very ground that the Shambhala Mandala stands on. With the proper development in use, Kalapa Valley would help energize all Shambhala Centres worldwide”

Summary of the Feng Shui Report 

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Peddlers Bridge Update –

Here is an update on the progress of the bridge from the Director, Gary Brown And Cheerful New Year

The Peddlers Brook Bridge project commenced on August 22 2018 to coincide with the low water levels of the Brook. Low water levels were required to enable us to safely excavate and constructed the cement footings. The cement footings are necessary to support the two piers (or feet) of the bridge on either side of the waterway. This processes was a little more time consuming than we original thought because of our commitment and agreement to up hold water way construction standards required NS Department of Environment as to maintain the environmental integrity of the water way. Peddlers Brooke is a tributary for the Ingonish River which is a breeding river for the endangered Atlantic salmon population.

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Day trips to Kalapa

Kalapa Valley is open to visitors daily. 

If you would like to come and walk in the valley  you are cordially invited.  Please park your car at the gate (please don’t block the gate).   It is about a 1/2 mile in to where the road forks.  you can go either direction.  To the right might be a little wet depending on recent and current weather 🙂  you will come to the barn.  If you continue to the right you will come to a small trail which also forks.  The left will take you to the interior of the valley along the river.  The right will take you back in the direction of the road and eventually to the river. 

At the barn you can also walk across the lawn and through the meadows and along the ‘rocky trail’ which will eventually lead you to Peddlers Brook.  Just before the river on your left is a small trail going up!  The trail follows the river and leads to the waterfalls.  This is a wonderful place to meditate.  If you cross the river and continue straight you will come to the salmon pool on the right – which is very nice for swimming. 

Below is a map that gives you a sense of the property.  You enter on the right. 

Please when you are walking be aware that there are wild animals (coyotes and moose etc).  The general suggestion is to make a little noise as you walk so they know you are there.  Please also pick up any litter you find and take away with you.  Please consider the buildings are not offered unless you have booked them with the Director Gary Brown

Donations to the upkeep of the land are always welcome.  Donate here

Come and play 🙂