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Peddlers Bridge Update –

Here is an update on the progress of the bridge from the Director, Gary Brown And Cheerful New Year

The Peddlers Brook Bridge project commenced on August 22 2018 to coincide with the low water levels of the Brook. Low water levels were required to enable us to safely excavate and constructed the cement footings. The cement footings are necessary to support the two piers (or feet) of the bridge on either side of the waterway. This processes was a little more time consuming than we original thought because of our commitment and agreement to up hold water way construction standards required NS Department of Environment as to maintain the environmental integrity of the water way. Peddlers Brooke is a tributary for the Ingonish River which is a breeding river for the endangered Atlantic salmon population.

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Day trips to Kalapa

Kalapa Valley is open to visitors daily. 

If you would like to come and walk in the valley  you are cordially invited.  Please park your car at the gate (please don’t block the gate).   It is about a 1/2 mile in to where the road forks.  you can go either direction.  To the right might be a little wet depending on recent and current weather 🙂  you will come to the barn.  If you continue to the right you will come to a small trail which also forks.  The left will take you to the interior of the valley along the river.  The right will take you back in the direction of the road and eventually to the river. 

At the barn you can also walk across the lawn and through the meadows and along the ‘rocky trail’ which will eventually lead you to Peddlers Brook.  Just before the river on your left is a small trail going up!  The trail follows the river and leads to the waterfalls.  This is a wonderful place to meditate.  If you cross the river and continue straight you will come to the salmon pool on the right – which is very nice for swimming. 

Below is a map that gives you a sense of the property.  You enter on the right. 

Please when you are walking be aware that there are wild animals (coyotes and moose etc).  The general suggestion is to make a little noise as you walk so they know you are there.  Please also pick up any litter you find and take away with you.  Please consider the buildings are not offered unless you have booked them with the Director Gary Brown

Donations to the upkeep of the land are always welcome.  Donate here

The house as seen through a rainbow.  

photo credit – Sean Drohan