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Rumours of persistent crop circles appearing in Kalapa valley proven false

“The RCMP have been called” is not a phrase you want to hear from our conscientious Cape Breton Neighbour when they call.

The rumour: “During the misty nights at some unknown hour something unsettling is occurring in Kalapa valley.”

The Truth: Vandalism

Yes there have been rumours in the past amongst the local’s in the community about the “goings on in that Valley”: the strange and mysterious people doing strange and mysterious things, how fast you get drunk there, the native burial ground, the strong feeling one gets in the knees and the strange sense of time “passing by you differently” when you walk the land. Well those are just that, rumours and folk tales.

Throughout my life I have been visiting Cape Breton. A visit can always be counted on for hearing old exaggerated wives tales. I generally dismiss the tales, share an “on the edge joke” and a laugh at/with the neighbours when the topic arises. Lately the topic has become more serious. There has been vandalism on the property along with “unusual” marks and circles on the land.

I myself have witnessed many inexplicable occurrences in the valley but recently “things” are happening more often. Claims of new evidence is making it difficult to not speak about the occurrences publicly. The topic is going to be very publicly broadcast so I would like to share what I know now to curtail any wild rumours arising amongst our world-wide community and to avoid weird speculation or spiritual materialism in these truly unsettling and divisive times in the Sangha.

In November 2018 I was approached by the producer of the TV program “Canada’s Unusual and Mysterious Places” a mediocre and overdramatic minor cable TV show. Over the past four years the producer contacted me several times and adamantly grilled me regarding the occurrences of crop circles and strange signs appearing on the fields of Kalapa Valley and surrounding area. I’m unprepared to emphasize or talk about this for several reasons. Primarily I do not wish to attract this type of “psych and paranormal” attention to Kalapa Valley. However the Producer had said that in doing her research on paranormal activities in Canada she discovered several mentions on a few online groups and old newspapers discussing the “Mystical Marks of the Galloping Fairies of Cape Breton.”

It is said that the “Marks of these galloping fairies can be regularly found in the Ingonish area of Cape Breton and in particular the Valley of the Ingonish river. She reportedly had many first person local accounts of strange occurrences and unusual alien markings on the ground from circles to intricate patterns and strange hieroglyphs. The Producer (She/Her) Iaman Diamond previously devoted two episodes to understanding the mysterious Ley lines. A quick explanation, Ley lines are considered to be energy channels of the earth similar to energy channels found on the human body akin to Chinese Medicine. Ultimately these lines are to be considered a pseudoscience and a controversial subject matter.
Ms Diamond through her research found Kalapa Valley on the map by discovering three intersecting lines in the centre of Kalapa Valley. For her, this indicated a particular psychically powerful “power” spot on the earth. She found us and then she found the folklore of the “Galloping fairies tales”. Ms Diamond then contacted me as Director for comment.

During a telephone interview I emphasized that I had heard it all before and it was a classic case of people letting their imaginations get out of hand. Yes there have been some things that may be construed to be markings and strange occurrences on the land however it’s all very easily explained by the very intense local weather. Also numerous animal trails and tracks, flood waters and strong winds move the long grasses across the fields.

She asked me to comment on her statement “Even though the property is open to the public during daylight hours there is a secretive and mysterious quality to the property that’s undeniable.” I replied that it was just the nature of the land and one’s imagination can get carried away quite easily. As Buddhists, we acknowledge that mind can confuse itself and working to counter that tendency is the purpose of mindfulness.

She asked if the production crew could visit and stay in the Valley while filming their episode on the “galloping Fairies of Cape Breton.” I declined as her request was not in accord with our visiting policy and explained that unfortunately due to construction and covid we could not accommodate the request. I felt it wrong to draw this type of wacky attention to Kalapa Valley.

I thought that was the end of the inquiry. However, as I just discovered, the episode of the “The Galloping Fairies of Cape Breton Nova Scotia” on Canada’s Unusual and Mysterious Places has been completed and will air March 31st of this year.

I must go on record that I did not give permission to film in Kalapa Valley and strongly petitioned Miss Diamond to please remove any references of Kalapa Valley in the episode. I am still waiting for a reply.

This brings me back to the subject of this press release: The RCMP were called and we do have a lead in explaining the case of the circles and “goings on”. Not Buddhism but Vandalism. No Joke.

In early December of 2021 the RCMP and I were called by one of our neighbours to report vandalism on the property. The house and the barn were both broken into. It appears nothing was stolen and the damage was estimated to be less than $1000 however there are two suspect thanks to a trail camera capturing a distant image of the suspects we believe are responsible for the vandalism and the prank crop circles and markings.

The description: Primary suspect described as a young fella, white male, 16 to 20 years old wearing white or reflective clothing. Subject appears to have a thin dark moustache wear a possible light coloured workman’s hard hat possibly accompanied by or leading a small white horse. There was observed an older fella in the distance wearing a light yellow long coat. Of note, The Older Fella Appears to be unhappy. If you have seen these two individuals I and the RCMP would like very much to speak with them to preserve the integrity of Kalapa Valley and the Shambhala Teachings. Thank you for your Precious Human Attention.

Yours in the vision of The Great Eastern Sun
Gary J Brown

Click here for a Police sketch Artist interpretation of the persons of interest:

Young Fella

Older Fella

Possible Strange Crop Hieroglyphs

Possible Crop and Snow Circles

Possible Explanation for a small white Horse

Unidentified Possible Witness


If you would like to help with our security we are recruiting unseen beings via Feng Shui of the land.