Shiwa Ökar and the Valley of White

The white domain of Shiwa Ökar has descended upon my heart.
This gracious valley took the cosmic challenge 
And covered all fear and trepidation 
With a blanket of snow.
Eternally youthful, this jnanasattva has surrounded us 
In our tiny palace of the Great Eastern Sun
With the wind and snow of his youthful warrior humor,
Six feet deep, halfway up the walls of my retreat.

This abundant enthusiasm only demonstrates 
The anticipation of the dralas,
Who have just been holding back and could wait no longer.
When we arrived, a polite kiss would have sufficed,
But they grabbed us with a huge drala bear hug.
Forgetting embarrassment, we rolled around on this pure white ground
And laughed so loud that our delight and giggles 
Became a resounding warriors’ cry-
“Ki” and “So” echoed across the valley.

Shiwa Ökar had been basic goodness held back,
The world, too preoccupied with selfish things,
Had no time to be snowbound-
There was too much at stake:
Who was going to cut down the last tree?
Who would suck the last drop of oil from this beautiful earth below our feet?
Inconceivable distance had been created between ourselves
And Shiwa Ökar’s winter snow.

When the Great Eastern Sun arose in this valley,
Snow fell to welcome us.
And since we were not on Atlantic Standard Time,
We were not confused when snow welcomed the sun,v For this is how warriors celebrate in Shambhala-
Snow with sun, rock with tree,
Men with women, heaven with earth.

This snowfall was no ordinary consummation,
But the beginning of a new kalpa.
The scorpion has manifested as a youthful boy and benevolent king,
A lover of space and time.
This monumental blizzard is the descent of
The peaceful white light abhisheka.
Every snowflake a transmission,
The falling of celestial white Ashes.

Looking close, within one flake, you will see the entire kingdom of Shambhala.
Let it melt in your mouth, for that is how you will quench your thirst.
Open your eyes wide and let it blind you with brilliance.
When this transmission is complete, nothing will be left-
Only a rainbow.
Looking close, you will see Shambhala vanishing into the heavens.
That is where I will go,
Since that is where I came from.

It is good to have a place to play
In the valley of Kalapa, Where now I can frolic outside in the pure white snow,
Where the message is simple:
If I want to be free, I have no choice-
I must play in the pure white domain of Shiwa Ökar.
For in reality there is only one color,
And that is white.
I realize now I am no longer in retreat-
I have discovered the universe.
Pure white-that is what I see in the werma smile of Shiwa Ökar,
My host for eternity.

25 January 2005
Kalapa Valley

© 2005 Mipham J. Mukpo

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